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Superfine denier

Due to its super-strength tensile properties and super-high modulus, ultra-fine denier yarns can effectively resist ultraviolet rays and antibacterial characteristics, so they are widely used in fishing floss, dental floss, medicine, aerospace and other products.

Colored silk

Due to the particularity of the product process, the fiber has better biocompatibility, the product silk is smooth, the color is even, the decolorization rate is low, and it is sold in European and American markets.

Zhejiang Millennium Longxian Special Fiber Co., Ltd.

Super high-strength wire

Because of its wear resistance and damage resistance, it is widely used in marine fishery, military protection, deep sea cages and other markets, and has good vertical spreading performance, bulletproof and stab resistance greater than 500 Newtons, so various downstream products produced are on the market


Won many honors such as high-tech enterprises, technology-based enterprises, and contract-honoring enterprises

Technological innovation

我们是由一群充满活力和怀着梦想的年轻人所组成的团队,拥有着丰富的企业经营管理经验,坚持“立品牌之本,唯客户至上 ”的经营方针和“以人为先,唯才是贤”的人才管理理念,秉承“学习力才是未来的竞争力”的价值观念。在这里,每个人都拥有军队般的集体荣誉感,可以深深体会到家庭般的温暖和亲切!

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