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The grand opening of the first safety and emergency products expo is more exciting with Qianxi

Time:2020-12-18 10:30:24

On the occasion of the 11th "National Day for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation", Yongkang held the first safety and emergency products expo, which included military-civilian integration, power tools, materials, medicine, light industry, chemical and other industries, and many companies appeared one after another. Work together to promote the development of the safety and emergency product industry, and contribute to the cause of safety.

                                                                           Opening ceremony

      Qianxi Group was invited to participate in this exhibition. Its subsidiaries, Qianxi Dragon Fiber Special Fiber Co., Ltd. and Dragon Helmet New Material Co., Ltd., displayed a series of military and civilian protection products, including bulletproof vests, bulletproof panels, bulletproof helmets, and armors. With excellent product features and performance, various products such as panels, cut-resistant clothing, cool clothes, cut-resistant gloves, cut-resistant elbow pads, etc., have attracted extensive attention and stop by exhibitors.

       Zhejiang Qianxi Longxian Special Fiber Co., Ltd. focuses on the field of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber. Currently, it has two production bases in Yongkang and Longyou. In 2011, it was listed as a new material for "Hundred Projects of Strategic Emerging Industries in Zhejiang Province" Key industrial projects. In addition to its products are widely used in the fields of national defense equipment, aerospace, medical equipment, building materials, etc., it has also derived a series of civilian products, such as cut-resistant gloves, cut-resistant elbow pads, cool clothes, ice sleeves, fishing line, Compared with other products of the same type, cables, etc., use ultra-high molecular polyethylene fibers, which are not only resistant to water, humidity, chemical corrosion, and ultraviolet rays, but also have excellent wear resistance. At the scene, in order to let the exhibitors feel the product characteristics more intuitively, the staff directly carried out the experiment, wearing anti-cut gloves, holding a knife tightly, and cutting back and forth forcefully, not only did not cut the gloves, but also buffered sharp objects against the hands. The pain caused by wearing cool clothes is simply the gospel of summer, no matter what kind of temperature you are in, it can effectively reduce the body temperature and let the skin feel cool. After watching the staff's presentation, many exhibitors decisively placed orders on the spot.



       Yongkang Longhelm New Material Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber UD composite materials, and its series of derivative products and protection, armor products, etc., which are widely used in bulletproof vehicles, armored vehicles, police patrol boats, police posts , Aircraft cockpit inner wall, aircraft cockpit protection, naval cockpit protection and other fields. The various bullet-proof vests, bullet-proof helmets, and bullet-proof panels exhibited at the scene attracted the attention of exhibitors. When passing by, they could not help but stop, watch or try on them, and actively communicate with the staff and ask questions The material, production process, product performance and other related issues will be compared, and different styles of products will be compared, and the differences between the products will be carefully felt, and the lightness and comfort brought by the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber UD composite material will be felt. And a sense of security. For the various questions raised by the exhibitors, the on-site staff gave patient answers and explained the exhibitors with easy-to-understand expressions, which won everyone's unanimous praise.

                                                        Live interview with Yongkang TV Station

       In addition, Zhu Zhijie, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, Zhou Qibiao, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor, Deputy Mayors Lv Qunyong, Li Haofeng, Deputy Director Zhou Xuren, Department of Standards, Department of Policies and Regulations, Ministry of Emergency Management, and Deputy Chief Engineer Wang Yunhai, Wang Chunlai, executive deputy director of the Civil Defense Office of Zhejiang Provincial Emergency Management Department, and He Shaoming, deputy mayor of Luzhou City, Sichuan Province, and He Shaoming, director of public security, accompanied by the staff, visited our exhibition hall. To understand the performance of polyethylene fiber, the series of products derived therefrom and its product performance, and to affirm the achievements made by Qianxi Group in the development of military-civilian integration industry.


     With the enhancement of people's safety awareness and understanding of emergency products, Qianxi Group will continue to help the development of the emergency industry, develop more safety and emergency products, share the responsibility of safety construction, and build a safe society. The exhibition lasts for three days, and the excitement is still on stage. Welcome everyone to visit Booth H1T09 of Yongkang International Convention and Exhibition Center.

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